Sunday, October 26, 2008

Changed by Technology

So far, I have learned more about different forms of technology then I ever could have imagined. I have enjoyed the process of creating projects using different types of technology and being able to see what creative ideas my classmates have come up with as well.  It is very helpful to receive feedback from classmates, and be exposed to ways that other people have used technology.  Previous to this course, I had no idea how to create a wiki site. Now, I am in the process of creating my very own teacher website. It is exciting to be putting together resources and activities that one day I can use in my own classroom. A teacher website is a great tool to communicate with students, parents, and other teachers, and is a tool that I will use in my future classroom.  At times creating a wiki site can be frustrating, but I am grateful to have the experience of creating a wiki site now in order to learn more and become comfortable with the technology for the future.
Creating a photostory is easier then I would have thought, and can be incorporated into many lesson plans.  Students can create their own photostory as a way to practice writing in a unique, interactive manner. I can also create a photostory to share with my students for an interactive learning experience. It is especially beneficial that photostory allows you to focus on specific objects of interest within a photo, and record your own voice.
There are so many different forms of technology and ways to incorporate them into teaching. I think that this course should be required of all education majors because technology is very beneficial to teaching and to the learner. I'm looking forward to continuing to build my technological knowledge.

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