Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ditigital Divide

I think there is a concern about digital divide in all classrooms. Many teachers in today's educational system understand the importance of technology in the classroom and fear falling behind in the world of technology. There is, more than ever, a need for more computers and technology in the classroom. Many of us today talked about the fact that there may be only one computer in a high school classroom with about twenty five students. This creates an obvious problem and creates a need for more computers. Even if schools have computer labs, they will be constantly utilized if every class is trying to use its resources. Also, in lower income schools, computers and other technologies are completely out of the question as funding is needed elsewhere. Again, this is problematic because students who attend these lower income schools suffer and fall behind in a world that is dominated by technology.

People should start taking action to remedy this problem by donating time, money, and resources. However, the need for other resources such as books and adequate supplies is, sadly, still extremely high for some schools and is a much more pressing need.

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Leah Nillas said...

But remember access to technology is only one part of the solution. We also need skilled teachers or teachers who are willing to experiment and invest time learning how to use technology in teaching. You are one of them.