Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wiki page

I was excited to start working with wikispaces and working with creating a website. I think it's a very useful skill to create a navigable website for your class. It is a good means of letting students who are absent know what they missed, by positing assignments for them. It can also be a great resource for the students, if you provide them with examples of good resources and websites that will help with research. I have noticed that it is becoming very common for teachers to provide their students with a class website. It is also more sustainable, considering most students can access the website therefore you don't have to print out handouts for them if you provide them electronically.

However I was a little frustrated while using the class website today. I know it's because everyone was trying to load things at the same time, but it seemed really inconvenient to create a project that is collaborative and independent. I was frustrated when I would save something and override something that someone in my group had just published. It seemed very counter productive to me. And as far as the project being collaborative, I feel like we divvied up the tasks and then split, that is not working collaboratively to me, it is quite the opposite. I think it is useful to create a page with reviewed websites that are relevant to my content area, but I feel like there are some better websites out there than the ones that I reviewed. I look forward to seeing the final product of this project because hopefully it will create a list of helpful and unhelpful websites.


Tim Boylan said...

I agree with you completely on both fronts. I don't think this really counts as collaborative because we aren't really working together, we are working separately on the same thing. The only real collaborative thing is the product as we will be posting/writing on the same page and subject. Maybe we are being too judgmental about this but I think that this is a really good assignment and there could be minor adjustments made to make it a collaborative project.

BasSoc320 said...

I agree. I don't think we can call this a "collaborative" project just because all of our names happen to appear as editors of the same page. Perhaps we could have all gotten together and written a great review of one or more websites, incorporating all of our ideas into the same review rather than just editing what someone else posted from a different location. I don't know about anyone else, but I think of collaboration, I think of people being in the same room and interacting with each other to create something.