Thursday, September 27, 2007


I also enjoyed doing this project. I spent hours working on it, but I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I was finally done. I learned to use a lot of new tools and this is definitely the best project I have done. I also liked this project because I can use it when I am a teacher. It is very applicable to a lesson I will teach. I think it will be a really good resource for my students. It is a good reference. I hope I can remember how to use all those tools the next time I have to make a presentation. I look forward to our next project.

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Jenna Passananti said...

I also really enjoyed the PowerPoint presentation. Although it took me a while to complete, I am confident that I will use this presentation in the future. I was slightly frustrated although because after submitting my project, the fonts changed and the sound clip that I attached did not work correctly. I have to get used to these frustrations though because I know I am going to experience them more in the future with teaching and I am going to have no choice but to be adaptable for my students.