Monday, September 3, 2007

Technology in the Classroom

After reading the article Technology and English Studies: Innovative Professional Path edited by James A. Inman and Beth L. Hewitt and reading other peoples posts on using technology in classroom, I think that technology can definitely enhance the learning process or lessons. Lessons can be made more interesting and appealing to students of all abilities and capacities. Students can gain multiple understandings of a given topic as a result of incorporating technology as well.

The problem that I have seen with technology in the classroom from both the teacher and student perspective is that sometimes technology can be overused. Constantly using power points instead of lecturing will cause students to become tired and bored with the power point technology. Also, focus is often directed away from the lesson and onto the specific technology that is being used in the lesson. For instance, if a teacher played music from the Civil War to help create an 1860 American aesthetic, students could become more interested in what is on the ipod rather than the reason for using the ipod: to establish the 1860 atmosphere.

The solution to focus problems are simple: enforce strict rules when applying technology and do not overuse it. This will make sure students focus on the lesson rather than the technology. It will also assure that the reason for using technology, to enhance the lesson, is maintained.

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