Monday, September 3, 2007

Technology and English

Searching for the articles was more difficult than I imagined. Using the data bases, I had a hard time finding relevant articles about technology and English classes. I found articles about using technology to teach english language learners, but not many about using technology to teach literature. In high school, my AP English teacher incorporated much technology into our course. One of our main assignments was to write on the message boards for This site was used to make about 3 posts per week about what we were reading and also comment on other people's posts. I found it to be a lot of work, but it was a great way to share ideas with everyone. It also left time in class for other discussions or continuations of our online discussions. I would definitely use in my classroom. We also used the basics- word, powerpoint, etc. for projects and presentations. It would be interesting to see what other ideas people have for incorporating technology in the English classroom.

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Tim Boylan said...

I think that blackboard is a very useful tool to use in the classroom as well. It is essentially a blog +1 and though I have never used it in any of my classes, I have been in classrooms with teachers that have used it and they rave about it. After being briefly introduced to blackboard and orientated on it, I would definitely require it in my classroom. Other technological tools that I would use in my English Language Arts classroom would be ipods to play music of a certain historical period or speech, clips from or other video archives to show a speech or event, or even something as simple as a video recorder to record presentations of students (allowing them to hone their public speaking skills).