Sunday, September 16, 2007

Excel Spreadsheets

I am very glad that we are spending time to learn about the different functions in Excel. I feel like through out school I have become fairly comfortable with Word and PowerPoint, but not Excel. Given that Spreadsheets can be very useful in math I appreciate the opportunity to practice using the tools that will be relevant to my future classroom.
My project for Tuesday deals with interactive graphs. I can definitely see that function being helpful to further my students understanding of the effects slope and intercept have on the visual representation. Graphs are extremely important and if students do not understand how they are formed then they will not get the full concept. I know there are plenty more tools like interactive graphs that Excel has to offer. I hope we go over some more in class on Tuesday.

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Tim Boylan said...

I think that your comment brought up a good point in that most people become comfortable with Word and Powerpoint but Excel becomes neglected and thought to be useful for statistical purposes. However, I think that we as a class have discovered many useful tools and aspects of Microsoft Excel. It really is a valuable program.