Monday, September 6, 2010

Using Spreadsheets- El Ed Chapter 11

When I was younger, I definitely got frustrated when trying to play with word art or the shapes on Word when trying to create some sort of web or timeline or just creative text because it was impossible to get things lined up just so. I never thought to try and do it on a spreadsheet, it makes so much sense. Everything gets perfectly aligned and there's no struggle getting everything to print from one page because it will pretty much do it for you because multiple pages are accessed at one time, which is awesome.

We definitely took advantage of using spreadsheets for math related topics like graphing and money management, but this really broadens what can be done over all the subjects.

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liz exo said...

I agree! Spreadsheets are not as commonly used as word, but it has so many different advantages that not too many people actually take advantage of. From now on, I am going to try to see how spreadsheets can be used in new and different ways in the realm of educational technology.