Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gearing Up for the New School Year

I am really glad I read this article because it shows how technology can be used in a really practical and low-budget way. The teacher who wrote the article explains that this year he is adopting the mantra "Get Teched Up!" and will be integrating technology into his classroom in new ways. He plans on scanning all of his curriculum materials to create pdf files, creating a website that will be used for posting homework and other assignments, and using a ceiling-mounted projector (though not an interactive white board). The fact is that not all schools have the resources to give each teacher a Smartboard or to hand out laptops or ipads for students to use. That doesn't mean, however, that teachers won't be able to use technology to benefit the kids. This article discusses free or inexpensive ways that teachers can use technology, which may end up being as useful and practical, if not more so, than knowing how to use fancy and expensive technologies.


eschmidt said...

I really like the idea of scanning materials into pdf files and posting them online. As a student, it was very frustrating when I came home from school and realized that I had left a worksheet that was due the next day in my locker. This technology provides access to students who may find themselves in similar situations.
Though Smartboards are incredibly helpful in the classroom, we must prepare to incorporate a plethora of technology skills for our students because every school district will have access to different resources.

scalhoun said...

It is really important to make sure that as future teachers, we are looking at more inexpensive technologies. It is unfortunate, but as you said, not all schools can afford Smartboards or other, more expensive technologies. In fact, most can't afford those things. It is important that we pay attention to not only newer, expensive technologies, but also to the more inexpensive choices.