Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Children like eBooks, Parents? Not so Much…

Liz Exo’s Blog Post:

Are eBooks the next new thing in education? This article poses a few new thoughts to think about as an educator. Some tend to think that these new electronic readers will make reading more “fun” for students, and that they will be prompted to read more, simply for enjoyment. Since reading “for fun” has declined in its popularity as a pastime, technology may be the way to spark more life back into this traditional hobby. If I were a younger kid, I think that reading would be much more appealing on a iPad or a Kindle, just because it’s something new.
However, parents do not really agree with this new trend. Studies show that only a small minority (6 percent) actually owns an electronic reader, and 76 percent do not plan on buying one. So what makes this such a fun and exciting thing for younger generations, but not for adults?
I personally think it is a generational thing. Older generations are not as open to the latest technologies simply because they have not been brought up with as much of it as younger generations have. So, the moral of the story is; if we can use this technology to get younger generations back into reading, we should really try to implement these eBooks into the world of education.


medwards said...

I agree with the idea that we need to do what we can to interest children in reading, and if that means using eBooks, so be it. In a world overrun with video games and television shows, it seems that reading is becoming less and less appealing to children, which is a real problem. if we can use technology to benefit reading, I think that's great.
Another thing that this post made me think of was online books. I know that there are several websites that allow you to read books online. Some of the sites even give to charity for every book that is read. I think teachers should make use of these sites and make sure parents and students know about them. They could be very valuable resources for families who cannot afford to buy a lot of books or cannot make it to the library regularly.

eschmidt said...

I find this article particularly interesting because I am personally not a fan of electronic readers. Though I'm completely attached to my macbook and my cell phone, I have never expressed interest in an electronic reader. I suppose I fit into the generation that doesn't support them as much. (Though my dad owns one and loves it)
On the other hand, as I enter the educational field, electronic readers and online books are something that I should learn more about so that I can use them with a generation that finds them exciting.