Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Post: Ch 11 (elem)

Liz Exo's

This chapter was really informative to me, and I really liked how the chapter gave a lot of specific examples as to what to use databases and spreadsheets for. It's also really helpful and convenient that under each example they give the grade levels that could appropriately use these ideas. I especially like the idea of creating an acrostic on a spreadsheet. It may take me some time to figure it out, but I think it would be a great way to incorporate technology into the Language Arts/Writing portion on the school day.

I also really enjoyed the idea of using spreadsheets to graph weather changes for younger students to show the changes in weather. This is a pretty abstract concept for younger students, and by graphing the temperatures, students can physically see how it changes with the seasons. I just think this was a really neat example of how we, as future educators, can incorporate technology into everyday lessons.

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eschmidt said...

I also found it really cool that students could use spreadsheets to learn about weather. It's fascinating to me that there are so many new and exciting ways to learn about the same basic concepts, such as weather, that we learned as students without computers. Being able to make a computerized graph is a really engaging and innovative way to see how the weather truly transforms throughout the year.