Monday, April 5, 2010

Projects and Tech of the Weeks

I have really enjoyed both learning about and doing these projects. Though the webquest was quite a bit of work, I really liked my topic so that made it fun. I also really enjoyed my google earth topic once I finally found it. I think the technology for both of these projects was decently easy to use once we got the hang of it and I think both can definitely be used in our classrooms one day. I had a lot of fun putting these together.

In general I love learning about all the different technologies that we will have access to as teachers. I think these will all be great to usse in our classrooms and especially for Elementary I can totally see the kids having a blast using all of these different technologies. Though I have enjoyed them all, I especially loved the iclickr presentation. That is something I will definitely have to buy and use in my classroom. I am also very thankful that Christine included all that information on setup and how to use it. I also thought it was a really neat idea to do the presentation by making a quiz for all of us to take. So, great job Christine! haha. Really though, everyone's presentations have been great, I am learning a lot, and I cannot wait to be a teacher so I can use all of these different activities with my students.

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Kari said...

I agree, I really loved the iclickr technology of the week! I can be so useful in a classroom in so many different ways. I know my sister uses iclickr at her university, and I always wished I had the chance to use one in my classes. Having the chance to use it during Christine's presentation was fun and showed how easy it is (barring other issues!) to use. I definitely think it would be an asset to any class and I would want to integrate it into my own classroom.