Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elem. Reading and Photostory

My reading this week was about using computer drawing programs to support student achievement. The reading argues that allowing students to use drawing programs on the computer supports non-lingusitic representation skills (creating visuals to represent things like vocabulary or curricular concepts). At first, I was hesitant to agree with this argument because I believed that students could simply create these visual representations using paper and crayons. To me, letting students create their drawings on paper saves me the time and energy I would have to use to explain how to use programs like Kid Pix or Microsoft Paint. However, after I read further, the argument was made that the computer motivates some students in ways that drawing a picture on paper never will. I had to agree. I know from experience that for some students, getting to use Kid Pix is a real motivator for them. The reading also gave examples of how I could use drawing programs for things like drawing illustrations, creating a hundreds day chart, and making portraits and tessellations.

My photostory project is going well. I just added my commentary to my pictures and I think it looks and sounds pretty good. I am still trying to figure out how to add music over my voice. Every time I try to add a music clip, my commentary disappears. Any help on this would be appreciated!


LAN said...

you should add the music as a background. make sure to talk to me in class about this.

KFelten said...

I also read about non-linguistic representation with computer drawing programs. I agree that having young students use the computer to relay their ideas and creativity would be a good motivator for most students who would find the computer a fun "toy." I thought one of the best points brought up by the reading was the suggestion to not use a fancy software program but rather something simple that would come standard with most computers. The chapter suggested that too fancy a program with too many flashy choices as far as tools go could easily detract from the goal of individual creativity and self-expression when using computer drawing programs as opposed to paper and markers. I could see students getting too caught up in the tools available and losing sight of the goal of the task at hand.

kunruh said...

I also was a bit hesitant about using technology for drawing project for students. It seems like using the computer to create visual projects could be extremely time consuming and difficult for students. However after reading the article I also changed my mind about the usefulness of programs such as Kid Pix. Not only would using computers for these times of projects be exciting for students, but it would also provide them with a great learning experience. The students who use the programs would have the opportunity to learn another skill on the computer which they would not normally have the opportunity to learn. The skills they learn on the computer could be useful to them in the future.