Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smart Board

Since I never used Smart Boards in school, it was interesting to learn about the impact they can have on the learning environment. I agree that Smart Boards would create streamline lessons. Teacher can incorporate many aspects into one lesson a Smart Board. Each lesson can include notes, manipulative, and other interactive aspects. The Smart Board is a tool that meets the needs of every student. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners would all benefit from using a Smart Board. Since they current students are an increasingly technologically driven generation, it is important to connect them to the digital world in the classroom. Using technology motivates students to participation in the lessons. The interaction between the students and the lessons creates an interactive environment. I agree with the author that using a Smart Board keeps the teacher and students connected. Smart Boards do not separate teachers from the students as computers sometimes can.

I can’t wait to use Smart Board in my future classroom. I plan on using a Smart Board every day in the classroom, since it creates an interactive learning environment which motivates students to achieve in the classroom. I am excited to learn more about the Smart Board because I never had the opportunity to use on when I was in school.

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mhandke said...

I agree that the smart board will be a very useful tool for all styles of learners since it is not restricted to visual imagery like a traditional white board is. I also like the way you pointed out that students in the next generations will be increasingly technology driven which will help the smart board be more second nature for them perhaps. Also I had never thought of the connections from the students and the teacher being lost while the teacher is at a desk, but it will definitely help remove that with the technology of the smart board.