Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Iwandlearning reading

First of all I had no idea that smart boards have been around since 1991.  That is crazy!  I feel like computers were still being worked on and people were already working with the idea of an interactive touch computer. 

Another thing I found very interesting was the amount of emphases the article placed on students being able to interact with the material they are learning.  When I stopped to think about it I realized that I really do learn better when I am engaged and able to physically do something with the material.  As the article says the smart board is a great way to have kids interact with the material.   

I also found the fact that the smart board is used in several countries very interesting.  Because the smart board is so successful in these other countries it seems that it truly is the technology that will soon be in every classroom. 

The fact that the smart board can be used to teach all children with different needs seems to me to be one of the biggest benefits of using it in the classroom.  The one example that the reading gives which really sticks out to me is how the smart board can be used to help visually impaired students.  When first looking at this problem it seems that the smart board will fail, however, upon further investigation of the smart boards properties we see that with its vast amount of tools the smart board has the ability to enlarge text and even read words for students who may need the extra help. 

All in all through this reading I have found much more evidence as to why the smart board seems to be the ultimate tool in teaching in the classroom.  It seems to me that the smart board can do countless things for every subject in school, and that is why I believe the smart board will be a very powerful tool.  


LAN said...
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LAN said...

You have to remember that the countless possibilities depend on the teacher's creativity in making the lesson or activity for a topic. Sad to observe that interactive whiteboards are not fully maximized in the classroom. Teachers need time to create quality interactive lessons. I hope you spend time making good ones for your math class.

kunruh said...

I also could not believe that smart board have been around since 1991. Even when I was in elementary and middle school, we did not have smart boards. I thought they were a very recent invention.

I enjoy the idea that smart boards can be used to meet the needs of all students. It is often hard to find technology which meets the needs of all students, but the smart board is a step in the right direction.

KFelten said...

I was also shocked that smart boards have been around for so long. I never even heard of them before coming to IWU. I feel like in elementary school, computers were still slowly making their way into classrooms and lesson plans. They definitely seem incredibly beneficial, if used properly and with skill, and it's kind of sad that they have been available for so long and I, at least, am just now hearing about them.