Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reality of Using Technology in the Classroom

Basically, the chapter was set up with excuses for not using technology in the classroom or for why it would be difficult to use technology. Each excuse is given solutions. The excuse that stuck out to me was "I already have lesson plans that address the standards that I'm required to teach. Why should I start using technology?" I think that this is one of the biggest reasons why many do not use technology in the classroom and it's no excuse!
The book says that if your teaching strategies seem to be working, "it is probably better to leave well enough alone." I disagree. I think that there is always room to improve, especially now that there are so many ways to include technology in a lesson.
I feel like students now-a-days are so accustomed to using technology, through video or computer games, that incorporating it into a lesson will be beneficial.


Carlie said...

I agree with Jess, there is always room for improvement in a lesson regardless of how well you think it may work. Especially when you are getting new students every year, some of the technological resources may be more beneficial to meet some students' learning abilities. I think that there are ways to incorporate technology into any classroom, as we have demonstrated and explored numerous options during this course. It is important to include technology in education because it is the future for students now.

Katelyn said...

I also completely agree with your points in this post. There is always room for improvement and learning for a teacher. It is important for us to never stop trying to better ourselves or our lesson plans. Also, I agree with what you said about how kids are so used to technology with video games that it can only benefit them to have lessons based around technology. They learn more and are even more interested in it.