Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 7- Word Processing

Chapter 7 was about word processing the the benefits that can take place within the classroom from using it. The chapter starts off by talking about how using word processing for writing papers or any sort of writing assignment can prove beneficial. If you have bad handwriting for example, using word processing eliminates any distraction one might have from reading work that is not neatly written. It also gives students the ability to check their spelling and correct sentence format as well as many other grammatical tools. Word processing can also make a work more aesthetically pleasing with the use of wordart, clipart, colored fonts, and much more.

This Chapter also brings up the issue of typing and just how early students should learn proper typing techniques. According to this chapter, it is commonly disagreed on when students should be introduced to typing. Some argue it should be taught as early as kindergarten and others say as late as junior high. I think that learning it the earlier the better. Like the previous chapter on technology, we know that technology is such a large part of education these days and it is only becoming more prominent. I think that if students are introduced to it early on, they will have an easier time adapting to the constant changes. I also think that the programs students can use on the computer are fun and educational. On the other hand, I also find it vital that students know and learn the importance of handwriting. There are a lot of situations in life that require hand written material. I think that a good balance of teaching handwriting skills and typing/word processing skills is optimal for a classroom.


Danielle said...

That is an interesting debate about when typing should be taught. I feel that since school is supposed to be preparing us for our futures as workers, the more technological knowledge the better. It seems that people always say how many words per minute they can type on their resumes. The sooner students learn, the better prepared they will be to get the best job they can!

About spell check and Word, I have heard some English teachers complain that students have poor grammar and/or spelling because Word fixes it for them as they type and they never have to learn the correct spelling. What are your thoughts on that?

Carlie said...

I agree with Jo that there needs to be a good balance both teaching handwriting skills and typing/word processing skills. It is vital and beneficial for students to learn these new technological skills because of the increasing amount of computer advancements that are consistantly being made in today's society. However, as the oposing side debates, handwriting skills still remain important and useful. It is definitely a tough call in determining the appropriate time to introduce and the amount of time spent on teaching/practicing typing/word processing skills.