Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chapter 6-Drawing

This chapter was about the creativity and expression that comes from using the computer to create drawings. For younger children, it is some times difficult to express themselves by just talking or writing and drawing is another good outlet for communication.

This chapter focuses on the learning experiences children can gain from drawing. Kids can be asked to draw the life cycle of a plant, or the different seasons, and in this way they are having fun and learning at the same time. Through the use of the computer, kids are introduced to technology at an early age, which will bode well for them in the future considering the increasing amount of technology used every day both in the home and at school. So not only are children learning about a certain subject, but advancing technologically all while having fun!

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Carlie said...

I agree with Jo that implementing simple computer drawing programs into classroom content will help students to express their knowledge freely and in a way that they can understand it. I also think that it is important for young students to be introduced to technology as it is becoming more and more advanced daily. My only concern with computer drawing programs in elementary classrooms is when teachers would have the time to fit them into their busy academic schedule.