Friday, October 16, 2009

Chapter 12

The idea of using technology in the Elementary classroom is great. Learning at a young age will help the students in the future. I had never thought about using blogs in the Elementary classroom, but it really does seem like a great idea. Everyone can get their ideas out, and it's a much better way to communicate outside of the classroom. Blogging is something that I never did before college, and I really think that I missed out by not using it before. It opens up so many different worlds that are not readily available.

Email is another valuable resource for the classroom. The statement about teachers being able to only send it to certain students really stuck out to me. We all know that students are at different levels in the classroom, and it would be nice to put students in different groups and have them working on different projects. The age of technology really helps to get each student involved and have his/her ideas heard.

Bookmarks are another very valuable resource. I never thought about the fact that each time you want to add a bookmark, it would take hours to add it to each individual computer. The websites that help organize these are a great idea. All of these websites are very helpful, and it's nice that they are available for everyone to use.

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Carlie said...

I agree with Kris that using technology in the elementary classroom is great. I also had never thought of using blogs or e-mails within a younger classroom until reading this chapter. Now after reading it, I feel as though both of these technological resources can be useful with communicating amongst students, teachers, and parents. I also agree that teachers shouldn't just choose certain students based on their skill level, but that they could put students in groups to work on separate assignments.