Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ch. 16 - Math Supported by Internet

When I read this chapter, I was impressed and quite shocked by the amount of opportunities provided with the use of internet within the classroom. My previous thought was that the internet could only really help with creating a course website that students could view from home for additional help with classroom material and expectations of the course. I never realized that there were so many websites that have interactive math activities on them. This could provide a great way for students to participate in a fun activity that will keep them engaged throughout the lesson. This is also a helpful tool for students outside of the classroom as well. When they are having trouble visualizing their homework problems, they can go back to the same websites that were used in class and redo the activities to better understand the material. Using the internet creates an accessible way for students to learn math and how it applies to real life situations. Some of these websites incorporate different ways to analyze data that is prevalent in today's society such as earthquake activity and marine data. This can allow the students to research a topic that they find interesting and report back what they found out by looking at and analyzing the data. This is a great way to implement group projects that require the students to not only learn the math concepts required to analyze data, but also learn how to work as a team to accomplish a goal.


Kathleen Ellison said...

Ben, I completely agree with you. Math provides just as many unexpected opportunities for internet usage as English does. It is so interesting to learn about the new things that can be done with the internet. In math there are so many things that I did not understand, and I would definitely have benefited from a website that coul have helped explain the concepts to me. I think that the internet is going to be a great tool in our future classrooms.

Ben D. said...

I feel the same about English, Kathleen. I read you blog about videos being incorporated within an English classroom and it opened my eyes at to how much I learned with videos in high school. Allowing students to explore the symbolism and characterization of a story by creating videos is a great way for students to get involved and have fun. Sometimes without even realizing how much they are actually learning about English. This allows students to understand the English concepts at hand and also how to become creative thinkers and learners. I completely agree with you that internet is going to be a great tool in the future, but I also think that incorporating videos into websites will help maximize the learning potential.

Jess Madigan said...

Just like you said, I too never really thought about using videos to teach math until reading this chapter. I like the idea of using a video in the classroom and then having it accessible to the students outside of class. This will help students who have trouble focusing in a classroom environment with all their friends.
It will also help parents better understand what their children are learning in the classroom. Math is not something that can be easily recalled when you're an adult, especially when it hasn't been utilized in many years. If I were a parent, I think it would be easier to help my child if I watched a step-by-step video instead of reading a textbook.
So, yes videos help a student recall what they learned in class, but they also help parents help their children.