Saturday, September 13, 2008

Presenting Presentations

I am in awe of how many things you can do with software like PowerPoint. I would have never thought of many of these activities or the way it can be so helpful to students in the classroom. 

I really liked Hamilton's idea of using instructional slide shows to, "outline the key ideas or use visuals to stimulate questions and discussion among students," (125).  I never thought to use PowerPoint int his way. By creating a presentation where the images are large, you limit the text, and skip the glitz as Hamilton says it seems like it would be a great way to open a unit.  

I really enjoyed the ideas for the portfolios, bookmarks, and acrostic. But my favorite idea was the class shows and to have them running at parent teacher conference or to hyperlink each child's name so the parents can see each child's individual work. 

I never knew that so much could be done with Excel so I am excited to being learning about PowerPoint

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