Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chapter 11

I agree with Emily that chapter 7 was much more informative, but that there were many good ideas in this chapter. When I was in elementary school, I did not use databases or spreadsheets, so I had not even thought of the possibility of using these tools in the elementary classroom.

One of the ideas that I thought would be beneficial for elementary students was using spreadsheets to teach money management. I think it is a wonderful idea to teach this to students at this age, and spreadsheets are a really creative and convenient way to do this.

Spreadsheets are also really good for making graphs. I remember making graphs by hand in elementary school, and I think using spreadsheets makes it easier for students to be organized and accurate when making graphs. It also gives them an opportunity to be more creative.

Another thing that I appreciated about this article was the "resources" box on page 147. I know that those websites will come in handy.

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