Thursday, November 1, 2007

Virtual Field Trips

I enjoyed reading these two articles. I thought they offered a lot of good suggestions about virtual field trips. I think virtual field trips are a good idea for any class, but especially for those schools who are short on money. Now, I think actual field trips are good and beneficial and should be kept if possible, but virtual field trips have many benefits as well. One of the best things is that they can only take up one period which is nice because they don't disrupt any other subjects. Actual field trips usually take the whole day and so the students end up missing all of their classes instead of just the subject they went for. I think they can offer a lot of substantial information, especially since a lot of museums are handing out information and programs to schools. You can learn just as much from a virtual field trip as from the actual one. Virtual field trips also save a lot of money. They cut down on the cost of transportation, admissions, and a meal. They also cut out the need for a permission slip. Virtual field trips are good not only for a replacement, but also as an enhancement to the actual field trip.


BasSoc320 said...

I like the fact that you pointed out that taking an actual field trip causes students to miss more than just the class that the field trip was intended for. Teachers need to be mindful of the students' other classes and make sure that the students have figured out how they are going to make up everything they have missed.

sbptchr said...

I agree with the fact that actual field trips are the way to go, but with the costs of them as well as the time they take to plan and go on, sometimes are more work than anything else. I really liked the point you made about how they will miss other classes than just the one they are going on the trip with (especially in high school when they arent on teams) and teachers dont always think of other classes and teachers when planning their trips and activities. I think knowing this will help though for you to remember that when planning trips for your class!