Friday, September 7, 2007

MS Word

Going into this class, I thought I knew a lot about the program of Microsoft Word and figured that I could do about anything I was asked to basic on the previous work I have done in the program. However, after only just a couple of weeks in the class, I have learned a lot of new things about a program I have used for years and years. I know that there are some features that I have discovered through this class which I will use in the future when doing things like writing papers as well as making changes. I think I will even be able to apply a lot of the applications into the work I do as a professional. I think the main thing that I have learned so far is that everything takes time to learn and the more time and effort one puts into something the more you will learn and the better at it you will become. Through my years of being involved with athletics I had always known about this, but I figured that I would be able just get by with the word features and figure it out as I went. I have learned that there is much more to this program than just a place to type a paper or make labels and such. I have enjoyed getting to use all of these new features and spend more time with this program that I can use for years to come. I think the same ideas will hold true for the other programs in the Microsoft Office package and look forward to knowing as many features as possible about each of the programs.


Leah Nillas said...

I agree that you need to spend time practicing and using the new features you've learned. I personally do the same thing when I learned new tech skills and want to get better in using the any programs productively. I hope you will plan to integrate what you've learned in preparing your future lesson, activity or project.

Lisa Lig said...

I agree 100%! I thought spending two class peroids on Word would be a waste of our time, but it really wasn't. There were plenty of tools and features that I never knew existed, let alone know anything about how to use them. I think the electronic editing, especially, will be VERY helpful in the future for many different fields.