Tuesday, September 18, 2007


From reading everyone else's blog, it makes me feel better to know that most are as equally stressed as I am. I have to say that my range of Excel knowledge was minimal to begin with, and fiddling with a couple of tools this past week has helped very little. I am also having a hard time finding practical uses for Excel in an English classroom. I do think that Excel has great gradebook functions, as well as attendance and homework possibilities, but with my lesson plans, I feel that I would use Word moreso than Excel. I was unbelievably frustrated when creating graphs this week, and I guess I am somewhat more familiar in creating them. Listening to teachertube and the tutorials was helpful at points, but in general, I'm staying away from Excel if I can help it.

I was also more familiar with the Psychology programs for gathering and organizing data, so Excel was apparently too much for me to handle this week. =/

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