Thursday, August 30, 2007

Technology with Friends

Since this is a space for free writing, I am going to talk about how I used technology to have fun with friends. My closest friends are all in different locations. I have one friend who is at home (suburbs of Chicago), a friend at ISU, and a friend at Purdue. Through a computer program called Hamachi, we are able to all connect on an invisible network which allows us to play games with each other. At home, we used to just go to a friend's house and all connect to that network and play hours of games. Now, since we are all in different places, it is a little more difficult. So now, we all connect to each other using Hamachi and Skype (a program that lets us talk to each other through blue tooth or headphones) and this lets us play like we did at home. It is one of our ways we try to keep in touch even though we are all busy at our own places.

I think technology has come so far. I remember before we had cell phones and aim and even before wireless internet. We all had to use the house phone, walk down the street, or even use dial-up internet to get ahold of each other. Sometimes I am a little worried that as a society we depend too much on technology. I mean, I know that when we are without a cell phone or internet for a few days we all begin to panic. I guess I am just worried what will happen if one day we don't have these technologies for awhile. I definitely think technology is important and should be used as a tool for our generation and generations to come, however, I think we also need to take it in strides and not completely forget about life without technology.


sbptchr said...

I totally know what you are talking about with how far we have come in the technology world. When I look at my junior high girls and how they all have cell phones and email addresses and instant messanger screen names, it amazes me because when we were that age half of it didnt even exist. Its so funny to think back to when we didnt have those things and sometimes its hard because we rely on them so much these days. I agree that it is important but we shouldnt let it run our lives!

Leah Nillas said...

Back in the Philippines, I am the only one among my friends and co-workers who does not use a cell phone (or shall I say refuse to use a cell phone). My friends do not like it because they can't contact me during weekends while all of them exchange text messages (Filipinos are very fond of tect messaging). I, on the other hand, were usually on out of town nature trip (on the mountains or caves) that I simply wanted to be with nature and not be bothered by technology sent messages. That was my usual weekend escape. I think no matter how dependent our lives had become on technology, we should also be ready in case we can't use our technology or there is no way to access technology. I always think of technology as a tool and we should be ready to manage if we don't have that tool.

Jenna Passananti said...

I agree with Professor Nillas' statement one hundred percent about how it is important to not become to dependent on technology. However, in our world today which is dominated by cell phones, computers, palm pilots, etc. it is hard not to become completely engulfed in the technology craze. I feel that a lot of times technology allows us to be lazy and cut corners rather than completing tasks to their fullest. I am glad to have read Professor Nillas' post because it is always nice to have a reminder that life will go on without cell phones, computers and constant connectivity to friends and family.